Stony Creek in WV
Sat., March 25, 2005

Wayne Albrecht took these photos and comments:

There are only  two pictures because it is tough taking pictures when there are only three boats and you are in the middle. These were taken on the Stony Creek in WV.  Where else would you be able to paddle on a power plant cooling discharge. It was helpful this day since there snow in the woods still and I almost had enough to sled my canoe to the river. The water was warmer than the air which was around 33 degrees so we had fog coming off the reverted river was runnable but the boats took a beating on the rocks. On Sunday we did the Savage which was per guide books at a low level but all found the river to be a real hoot.  It was a short run but I only did one run because I had to go to a family dinner on the way back. John and Jack did a second run after I left.

The photos on this page were electronically retouched to remove the fog. Here is a before and after look. - Eric