Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Maine, Oct. 1-7. Rich Pace led and took these photos.
Mike and Tina.
Our group at the put in.
Due to low water in Indian Stream, we had to walk the canoes 1/3 mile to Eagle Lake.
Ron and Betsy.
Locomotives of the abandoned Eagle Lake and Umbazooksus Railroad.
Eileen on the locomotive.
Jamie, Betsy and Eileen at our first campsite on Farm Island.
First campfire for cooking burgers, dogs and baked potatoes.
First Moose sighting was in Heron Lake.
Dinner on the second night was Fettuccini Alfredo, Yellow squash and zucchini.
The ranger loads us up for the portage around Chase Rapids. The low water level ended the release from the dam and made the rapids impassable.
Mark and Pandora were canoe partners for the remainder of the trip.
Stopped for a break are Bob, Mike, Tina and Jamie.
The water was flat and calm as we approached Umsaskis Lake.
Our third camp was at Long Lake Dam.
Mark and Pandora.
Ron was in front with Eileen.
Jamie had the kayak on day 4.
At the entrance to Round Pond is this stately American Elm. Its isolated location has kept it from succumbing to Dutch Elm Disease.
Round Pond Mt. can be seen before we enter Round Pond.
Hiking the trail to the Round Pond fire tower.
Ron makes his way up the fire tower ladder.
With the leaves thinning, you could see the tower as we approached it.
Ron, Mike, Eileen and Michael at the top of the tower.
A panoramic view from the Round Pond fire tower.
Our group photo on the shore of Round pond at the Tower Trail campsite.
After a night of rain, morning brought a clearing sky, and Bob took out one of the canoes for a short solo paddle.
Eileen and Michael were partners on the last day.
Ron in the kayak.