Early Spring, 2008

Loyalsock - Haystacks  3/22

Cheat - Big Nasty  3/30

Cheat - High Falls 3/30

Cheat - Cloud Chamber 3/30

Cheat - Cloud Chamber Detail 3/30

Tygart Gorge (Narrows-easier ledges) 3/31

All taken by John Milne

Next two - Lehigh - hole at top of Triple Drop 4-6, Eric Pavlak photos.

Last photo, John Milne

Finally, from our first and possibly last trip on the Lamington (Black) River through Hackelbarney State Park in NJ, March 10. Me (Eric Pavlak) unpinning my boat about a 100 yards above two log-infested class 4 drops. The whole river was strewn with deadfalls. Ah! It was a nice day to go hiking through the woods with your boat!