Paddling Links  

Major organizations:

American Canoe Association

Canadian Recreational Canoe Association

American Rivers conservation

International Rivers Network conservation

American Whitewater

USA Canoe/Kayak Association racing

Local conservation organizations:

Delaware Riverkeeper

Hudson Riverkeeper

Delaware River Basin Commission

Local paddling clubs:

AMC New York-North Jersey

Churchville Nature Center

Coastal Canoeists

Jersey Shore Sea Kayak Association

Kayak & Canoe Club of NY

Keystone Canoe Club

Hunterdon Co. Canoe Club

Lehigh Valley Canoe Club

Monocacy Canoe Club

Outdoor Club of S Jersey

Penn State Outing Club

Philadelphia Canoe Club

Washington Canoe Club

Three Rivers Paddling Club

Wilmington Trail Club

All Pennsylvania River Gages

All New Jersey River Gages

All New York River Gages

All Delaware River Gages

All Maryland River Gages

All West Virginia River Gages

New England whitewater dam release schedules. Click here.

General info

The Mother of all Maritime Links, canoe & kayak


US National Atlas

National Geographic Society Atlas

Web Atlas of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access

Online digital maps, Pennsylvania State Universities

Cartographic links

US Geological Survey with links to companies that sell digital topo maps (CDs)

Oddens Bookmarks, links to 20,000 cartographic web sites (Universiteit Ultrech, English version)

Links to general map sites

State map sites

City map sites

World city maps (public domain maps)


Find a place in the US

Find a named place in feature in US or US territories or Antarctica

Find a place in Canada

Find a place in Australia

Find a place in the UK

Find gazetteers for other countries


US time plus an on-line museum of time, clocks and calendars!

Download a great little program that sets your computer to the national atomic clock

Time and day info anywhere in world


National Weather Service home page

National Weather Service Internet Weather

NWS Radar Graphics

Phila. area radar

Climatic date. Check before you go:

National Climatic Data Center

Nat'l Environmental Data Center


NOAA tide predictions
This is the one you want for
detailed tide tables!
Unfortunately, NOAA made this site a bit more difficult to use, so this bookmark takes you to the directory for the tables. Pick your state and locate one of the 3,000 stations with tide listings.

Tides On-line (NOAA)



Astronomical data: Sun & moon-rise & set anywhere in world, plus more

Stardate: Web home of popular radio feature

Sky & Telescope magazine

Knots for paddlers:

There are four knots leaders should know: the bowline (loop knot), the figure-8 (loop and stopper), the truckers' hitch (ties boats to cars) and the constrictor knot (no-slip knot ties to water bottles and other gear).

Advanced: Knots needed for swiftwater rescue include the water knot (joins ends of flat webbing), the double or triple fishermans knot (used to make Prusik loops), and the Prusik knot and the girth hitch (used to make adjustiable haul lines).

All of these and many more are fully shown at the excellent website