Leaders' Page

General Paddling and Leadership Policy

Sea Kayaking Policy

Trip sign-in form. Leaders MUST use this new form.

Recommended equipment list that you can edit and sent to trip participants. Edits in Word, Pages, Open Office or almost any text editor.

Sea kayak equipment list

Sea kayak float plan

Extended trip policy. Covers fees, expenses, registration, size, etc.

Accident and Incident Reporting: If you have had an accident or incident on your trip that required outside professional help such as a trip to the hospital emergency room, a call to an ambulance or rescue squad, professional search and rescue such as park rangers, police, coast guard, let AMC know as soon as possible by calling:


Eric Pavlak, Paddling Chair, 610-650-8926, cell 484-636-6305.




Lois Rothenberger, Chapter Chair, 215-661-1073




Lennie Steinmetz, Leadership Chair, 610-694-8577


Leave a voice mail message, but keep trying until your reach a person. Then fill out and file this report form.

Knots for paddlers:

There are four knots leaders should know: the bowline (loop knot), the figure-8 (loop and stopper), the truckers' hitch (ties boats to cars) and the constrictor knot (no-slip knot ties to water bottles and other gear).

Advanced: Knots needed for swiftwater rescue include the water knot (joins ends of flat webbing), the double or triple fisherman's knot (used to make Prusik loops), and the Prusik knot and the girth hitch (used to make adjustable haul lines).

All of these and many more are fully shown at the excellent website animatedknots.com.